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As a non-profit organisation, Eco-Sud needs support from Mauritian and international citizens in order to carry out its mission. The NGO therefore offers diverse ways to get involved in protecting Mauritius’ environment.

Adopt a coral

The “Coral Adoption Pack” will allow you to symbolically adopt a piece of coral from our nursery. You will hereby be helping us restore the reef ecosystem in Pointe D’Esny. You can also reserve a visit to the nursery.

In this pack you will get:

- A certificate of adoption with the coral identity card.
- A poster of the nursery.
- A bracelet from “Exochicdodo”.

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Thank you for your support!

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ECO-SUD is a non-governmental organization registered to the Registry of Associations (Reg Number 6118). ECO-SUD is eligible to receive CSR funds (N/1153).