Eco Tour

Discover the marine and coastal ecosystems of Mauritius through immersive tours designed for a complete experience. During these guided tours you will help to enrich the database of our scientific research team.


Identification of sea turtles

You will go to Blue Bay to encounter the Hawksbill Turtle, an endangered species that was previously very rare in our lagoon. Our photo-based identification program has identified thirty specimens in the past year.


Discovery of Wetlands

You will discover one of the most threatened ecosystems on the planet as well as its ecological role. You will learn about the wildlife it shelters and you may spot migrating birds that come to enjoy the tropical climate of the island.


Reef exploration

You will go on an expedition across the preserved zones of the Pointe D’Esny lagoon to look for rare species of fishes, corals, echinoderms, molluscs, and sponges. Our scientific team will help you identify the different species to add to our database.

data colection

Why book an eco-tour?

By booking an eco-tour, you will be helping Eco-Sud protect the environment and the biodiversity of Mauritius. You will allow our marine guides to gain more experience and knowledge, and you will become a valuable member in a responsible and sustainable approach to tourism.


Book your Eco Tour by email at lagonbleu@ecosud.muor by phone at 631 1994.