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Eco-Sud is a non-governmental organisation aspiring for a combative Mauritius, where the “nature’s rights” is a priority and where it’s good to live for everyone.

The primary mission of the NGO is to fervently protect the Mauritian territory biodiversity and environment, for the current and future generations.

To complete this mission, Eco-Sud is dedicated to:

  • Raising awareness and educating the public on ecological issues.
  • Assembling and rallying a strong and passionate local society.
  • Defending and protecting the engendered species and sites on the Mauritian territory.
  • Promoting a balance between environmental, social and economic developments.

Coral Restauration

Since 2010, Eco-Sud has been committed to restoring and preserving the coral…

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ESA Bill Now

Say STOP to the destruction of Environmentally Sensitive Areas (ESA)!

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Eco Tour

Discover the marine and coastal ecosystems of Mauritius.

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Get involved

Register as a volunteer/intern for Eco-sud.

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The “Coral Adoption Pack” will allow you to symbolically adopt a piece of coral from our nursery. You will hereby be helping us restore the reef ecosystem in Pointe D’Esny.

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Keep your eyes open for the latest news of Eco-Sud by subscribing to its newsletter and consult the archives as well as the legal documents, studies and reports related to the various battles and actions of the NGO.

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Eco-Sud, as a non-profit organization, needs the support of Mauritian citizens and citizens of the world in order to carry out its mission.

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